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T/osok guide

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T/osok guide

Post  Takkunen on Sat Jan 10, 2009 6:34 am

Wowhead’s guide to T/osok:
Now I’m making this guide to help newb’s, N00bz and moderate players be just that little bit better or if you work hard enough Elite. This guide is very simple and will cost only $9.95(jks).

key points:
1. Familiarise yourself wiht the sniper rifle as this is the main weapon.
2. Familiarise yourself with the knife (valuable asset)
3. Familiarise yourself with the T/osok based maps (e.g. ac_desert)
4. Don’t fear other players even if there fairly good at T/osok like myself
5. Keep calm and have fun
6. Crouching and jumping

Now they are the 6 basic things needed to kick noob ass in T/osok and I will now tell you how to succeed in mastering them. The sniper rifle is a very powerful weapon but can be very hard at times to aim with since it has no crosshair unless you are scoping, to learn how to aim with the sniper rifle at sidearm view go into singleplayer mode and verse the bots at whatever skill level you believe you can handle. Once you believe you’ve “mastered” the sniper at sidearm join/start a T/osok match to test your new skill but if you still fail go back to the bots and up their skill until u can maintain a high ratio at “best” setting although you may find this boring it is the 2nd best way to skill up on your sniper skills the best way I believe is to get a clan member/ friend to do a private/lan(if you can) match and learn from them eventually you will get better with the sniper rifle but if you seem you just can do the sniper then maybe avoid T/osok matches and build up your other skills.

The knife as mentioned is a valuable asset to have as it gives you 2 kills for the 1 when used successfully and is best for up close combat for it is much quicker than the sniper. Similar to last comment go to singleplayer and verse the bots at LSS (Last Swiss standing) or T/osok (may be a little harder to knife in) until you believe your skill is at an acceptable level or like before get a clan member/friend to teach your their tricks. Once you are happy join some T/osok matches and hope for a chance to knife to Gibb your enemy and earn 2kills, u can also Gibb an opponent by committing a “headshot” that’s where u shoot the little thing on top of your enemy’s shoulders that’s full of brains that is fun to shoot out =).

Now familiarising yourself with T/osok based maps like desert and other maps that are great for T/osok like Ezjemvill, arctic etc... Will be the key factor in your survival and victory. Just knowing your way around the map isn’t what I mean by this I am getting at the point where you know the map so well that u know EVERY possible root that your enemy has/will take so if you see his foot go around a corner don’t chase them u cut them off where they won’t expect you and bam a free kill. The best way to do this is to go to single player and practice on the maps you mostly play T/osok on and practice jumping around corners and shooting at the same time to reduce your chance of being fragged.

Now you may hear rumours about how great a player is (like myself) just throw them out the window as you may not have versed them before and they might not have heard of you and don’t know your skill, if you get killed by them don’t fret the key is to keep your cool and have fun and not to stress out because that’s when you go into N00b mode and will often fail by the simplest frags like from behind (my favourite frag to do).

Jumping and crouching will make your harder it especially if you jump/crouch all over the place as you should all know by now is that it is harder to hit a moving object than it is to hit a stationary one. The best time to jump is going around corners and when u r in the same room as your enemy/s the best times to crouch are when your head can go below water that can’t be shot at from above easily but the only downfall is u lose some visibility but they also might not notice you under water making them vulnerable to an easy frag also another time to crouch is when u do a jump crouch combo the best time to do this is when coming around corners that way your enemy will have to take more time adjusting than you do (if you see them that is) now the best way to practice this is in multiplayer so you can learn how to tweak this method so they have even less time to adjust their aim and if they shoot at you and you can knife them before they can shoot gain because your most vulnerable position is between bullets

Hope this small guide helps all you who read it, any positive feedback is gladly taken and any negative feedback will be rejected and you can go frag yourself for it as i'm helping you for free
-frag you all later

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Re: T/osok guide

Post  ~Ziltoid on Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:28 am

nice, nice. we shuld 1x1 sometimes =]

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Re: T/osok guide

Post  Tanner|W$N| on Sun Jan 11, 2009 5:05 pm

Can't think of anything to add, if you get in a tight spot just...


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Re: T/osok guide

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